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PR-Services: Whitepaper

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Whitepaper campaigns = lead generator

[one_full class=“alternative-text“]Whitepapers bridge the gap to sales. After all, white paper campaigns are designed to generate leads. One invaluable benefit of white paper campaigns is that they reveal who the prospects are, which allows for qualitative measurement. Apart from the leads generated, the promotion of a white paper through publishing media also enhances the visibility of your brand.

Extensive experience with whitepapers

We have carried out numerous successful white paper campaigns in Germany, Europe, the United States and Asia. We would be delighted to help you prepare content for and plan a campaign.

Examples of services we have provided for our clients in the past include the following:

  • Advice on selecting topics and content
  • Development of concept
  • Research of existing technical articles
  • Transformation and development of technical content into whitepapers
  • Copywriting using technical information and interviews
  • Creation of campaign images
  • Campaign planning, selection of national and international media