Media Planning

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PR-Services: Mediaplanung

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Customized media planning

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We have been in this market for more than 20 years. As a result, we are intimately familiar with the trade press landscape and can accurately assess which publications are important for your company’s communication activities. If we come across a new publication or online platform, we know which criteria we need to apply for an objective appraisal.

Media planning normally proceeds as follows in practice:

  1. Defining targets and budget
  2. Research, review of the current online/print formats, request for quotes
  3. Preselection and negotiations with publishers
  4. Presentation of the media plans, including
  • names of magazines and publishers,
  • print deadlines,
  • selection of the motif or theme,
  • other explanatory information.

Every media plan is custom-prepared to meet the client’s needs.

You will find more details on thousand-contact prices, gross and net reach, delivery to varying target groups, banners, newsletters, AdWords awareness and other related issues in our Whitepaper, which we compiled on behalf of Vogel Business Media for their B2B marketing blog (in german language).