Case Studies

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PR-Services: Case Studies

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Case studies − popular among journalists and appealing for sales

[one_full class=“alternative-text“]Case studies describe corporate projects and usually focus on a product used by a customer. As a result, they differ significantly from a technical article, which only addresses questions of use in a theoretical way, if at all.

Case studies are popular not only among journalists due to their high degree of credibility (after all, users ultimately get a chance to weigh in), they are also a sales tool that our clients like to use as well. The possible applications of a given product or system pique readers’ imagination and demonstrate the expertise of the company behind the case study.

Even if a case study is only used for sales purposes and not as part of press relations, its informative, journalistic nature is important. Promotional messages should be reserved for product brochures and advertisements. Readers sense whenever it becomes too apparent that the objective is to sell them something.

7 steps to a good case study:

  1. Preparation: research, sifting through available information
  2. Interview with the client
  3. Transcription of the interview
  4. Interview with the customer of the client
  5. Transcription of the interview
  6. Copywriting
  7. Approval process with the client and the customer of the client